Muffen Moses

I have been in the industry for 34 years an educator at all major trade shows , ,platform artist , competitor winning 36 competitions across the country , I produce the largest competitive hair show and concert in the east coast , I also have and educational expo once a year in Boston. I have a product line and hair company, I am a bicoastal stylist with 100% commitment to my clients by traveling back and forth every other week … My clients of course are the back bone of my businesses .I am new to LA so I am in the process of building the ultimate business there to have the same quality care as the original salon in Boston..Right now in my career I  consider myself well rounded in my craft but I now am focusing on hair loss restoration as a specialty ,being as so many women are suffering …my focus is always the well being of my clients and educating other stylists to be efficient in their businesses as well.

Phone: (617) 2563355
Instagram: @MuffenMoses



Muffens Beauty Bar – CALIFORNIA
Muffens International salon – BOSTON


  • BOSTON: Muffens Beauty Bar: 52 Porter Street, Stoughton, MA. 02072
  • CALIFORNIA: Muffens Beauty Bar 440 E. Manchester Blvd Inglewood ,Ca. 90301

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