LaRita Francois

My name is LaRita Francois and as long as I can remember, I have loved a great haircut. I thought it was just a fascination at first, until I was in my early 20’s and a few people suggested that I should become a stylist. I never new that I had a talent for hairstyling prior to that but it resonated with me when I kept receiving confirmations. I enjoy meeting new clients and helping them come up with a style that looks good and works for their everyday life. I am the owner of Royal Treats Beauty Lounge and my companies goal is to educate our clients as well as provide them with excellent customer service. Informed clients are great to work with because it oftentimes makes my work easier and they represent my work well. I am a student first, so I constantly take classes to improve my knowledge and skills and I am planning in the near future, to share my knowledge with other’s that are entering this field.


  • Royal Treats Beauty Lounge - 1807 NE 164h st., North Miami Beach Fl. 33162
  • (786) 274-7774
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